Self Acquired Property division

My father had self acquired property ( real estate>>land) and died in-state long back in 50s . I have two brothers and 3 sisters ( two of them expired). Two of our sisters ( who were live) gave in writing to have "no claim" in the property. The one of them died much earlier before we initiated property division, therefore could not be included in property division. Accordingly, we three brothers distributed the property amongst ourselves duely signing a joint statement earmarking clear division. We did not get this distribution of estate/land registered , however at present, we have presumed this to be legal. 1. Is our assumption correct OR do we have to necessarily do something to regularise the mutual distribution.? 2. Can I transfer my share in property (mutually divided ) through my will to anyone as per my wish? 3. Does the land distribution necessarily be updated in KHASRA/KHATA? 4. If so, does the mutually agreement of property distribution as above, is good enough for processing. 5. Does it needs to be registered ? what is the process?