Attempt to rape.

A friend of mine was tricked to go to some random place in Uttar Pradesh to discuss business deal in a resort. The guy she had went with knew her as they had worked before in a company and now both are handling their own businesses. Being new and naive in business she end up going to that resort. There were 3 more guys mainly accused business's partners and 2 more girls. They all spent a day discussion work etc. Later it was found that there were only two rooms booked. So those 3 guys and two girls stayed in one room while my friend stayed in other room with the accused where he attempted rape but couldn't succeed. While protecting her she got some scratches on her arms as well. She was completely in shock and didn't file fir that day but 2 days later she did. Police told her not to do medical as it's not required but then after a week, police told her to go for a medical check up and the report says old external injury. The guy is out on anticipatory bail till 28th June and court will resume on 29th. She has her whatspp messages where he's been asking her since march to go with him for that meeting in some resort in UP. Now later we found out that guys lawyer had filed a case against her for trapping, blackmailing etc. Please suggest what to do.