locked in a gidown and forced to give property

Sir I m from trivandrum kerala.my brother in law has worked in a mobile shop .and one day the shop owners call hm to one of their godown and ask him to give rs 1000000 to them for robbery of some mobiles ...and my brother in law said he know about 4 mobiles which he will pay for it and he is already giving some sort of money by instalment from salary But they beat him and slap him and smash him with an iron rod after all they ask him to give his car to them .but he cant do that bcause the car owns my sister.so they call her to that godown and forced her to write agreement to give 5lakhs rs instead of 10lakh for tha give her car as a bail property and next day evening my brother is missing.i think my brothet has robbed the mobile ..and he escaped from here otherwise they will caught him.so me go to police station and register fir for man missing and extortion but they areest these shop owners with easily bail providing section and they didnt wrote the real happened importent points in f.i.r So now we are not believe in judiciary and justic. If my brother robbed why dont tgey go to police station instead of beating him anreal robbery from my sister byforcefully take car from her now that car is in police station how can i retain my sisters car