i want to live with my husband.

Marriage issue I got married on june 9th, 2014. I came to my home due to some issues in my husband home.Im in my home for the past 6months. My husband is very attached with his mom since he is the one and only son. My mother-in-law is very possessive towards his son. Thoug she did marriage between me and my husband but she is not willing to allow me to live with him... Now my husband wants divorce from me.. He is threatening me to give divorce.. But am not willing.. I want to live with him. But my in-laws dont want me to live with my hubby.. I love my hubby.. My inlaws are blackmailing me that if i go to my husband home then they will commit suicide.. I convinced my husband a lot but he is not at all convinced.. He is having 15lakhs loan that was taken before marriage... After 10days of marriage only i came to know about his loan. So because of fear i asked him how can u settle all this loan like that... After that am not asking anything.. Now he is telling that he wants divorce because am fond of money. I dont want any money i just want to live with him..please help me.. Am in a do or die situation.. I love him lot. I dont want to give divorce...i want him ..What help can i get?