Customer care of a telecom company gave me wrong information.

On 27th of September 2019, I placed a call to customer care executive of a telecom company. For clearing some doubts regarding the changes of plan and charges. She told something different on call. But after I received my bill of that month, There were complete charges of service for which she told on call that it is not going to charge me in full. Since I, made a complaint regarding the same. But the company is asking me for a proof that I will have to provide them, where I can show that their customer care told me something different. But I do not have call recording of that particular date. But Telecom companies do record calls made by customers to their service executives. But they are not themselves listening to that call recording nor they are providing me with it. What can I do now. Are there any laws by which I can ask them to provide me with my call recording and also for the company where they have provided wrong information to the customer and later not accepting it. I only want my recording for the conversation which I had with them. I am not asking for anyone else recording.