I am married for four months and live with in-laws. They seem to be very nice in front of others but they are very cunning and cruel. They never let me and my husband go out together. They forced me to quit my job. My husband is divorced and the reason they told us was that the girl wanted to pursue her career, so she left. But after marriage I came to know that my husband has persistent cough from past 3 years and he is reluctant to have physical relationship. When I try to talk to him, he says I am providing u everything so u have to compromise on this issue. When I tried to tell my in-laws, they abused me and said that I am planning to take control of their son. My FIL took off all the credit and debit cards of me and my husband and changed the internet banking password too. They don't allow me to have food properly and says I am fat. they always compare mewith my co sister (husband's cousin's wife). They are not allowing my parents to visit me. I am unable to take a decision. Please help! My husband openly said that he needs his parents and sister in-law and I can leave this house as early as possible. What are my legal rights?