Hi, I'm married in 2011, May 20. After marriage she (wife) said she is not interested in the marriage and agreed to the marriage only for parents compulsion. She has never behaved good to me, always said I'm black and she does not like me at all.. Hence we did not have any kind of physical relationship. I was not drawn towards her since she did not like me.. Later she accused me saying I'm impotent. She created so much of drama in front of my parents and her parents. Since, I wanted to prove myself as a man, I had relationship with her and it lead to a child too in 2012 May. But, I just wanted to prove that I'm capable because it was such an insult in front of my parents. We never had good rapport. She never respects neither me nor my parents. She was in her house after the delivery (though me and my parents wanted her to be in my house, she and her family did not agree to come). Whenever I/my parents go to see my daughter, we were not given any respect. Since I could not tolerate all these mental pressure, I left to U.S in Dec 2012. In the mean time, whenever I tried to talk to my daughter through phone, they did not let me. Also, she said she is not interested to live with me and want divorce. Its the same whether we talk in phone or in mail. She always said she want divorce. But because of my daughter, I was keeping quiet and I said whatever they say I will accept but I just need my daughter. When I time to India this time, my parents and relatives convinced me saying if we are like this, it will affect the child's life. So, I brought them with me to U.S. I really want to adjust for my child but it does not seem to work out. Since she came to U.S we are only fighting. I don't want to child to grow in such an environment. She did not reciprocate some gratitude towards my colleagues who actually helped us, when they come home as a couple she dint even talk to them. It is such a big insult. Don't know how it is possible to lead a life with her when she is not ready to accept me. I cook for myself everyday, As a wife, she does not do any duties. She is not ready to agree for divorce but at the same time she is giving me mental torcher. I don't know how to deal with this. I want my child to grow in peace. I want to divorce. Help me out if there is a way. Since I'm out of India, I want to know the feasibility and the time frame it will take to plan my career and my child education. Like should I come back to India leaving the job here or can I come only in case of need to appear in the court etc.,