Recovering money from bpo fraud person

We came into digital marketing and gaming feild in the end of 2017.In search of projects for our company we came across a BPO project advertisement on internet.We contact the person with whom the ad involves,he is from Kolkata after contacting he asked the project costs about 2.70 lakhs and ask us to pay that online instead of that we asked him that we are about to visit kolkata and after that we took his pan copy and paid 2.70 lakhs to the consultant.After we came into project but after continuing of projects for seven months he does not paid single rupee for the contract until now.Instead of non paying he is treating us that he will send goons if we asked for money.Later on we came to know that he is collecting lots of money from many centers by the name of projects.We lost about 18lakhs in terms of billings because of him and also getting criminal intimidation.Also when i tried to do fir on this police man asking how to file fir I have proper legal aggrementation,mails,discussions,call recordings,Chats on the payment.Please help me how to sort the things through legal action and file FIR on him