null and void case

i got married on 14 june last year . and my wife doesnt stays wid me becoz i am 22 yrs old and she is 25 she . i got married when i 21 and she was 25 and we where happy and we didnt told our parents becoz she has a elder sister 28 yrs old and we wanted to get her married and den wil tel our parents and taht didnt happened and marriage is consummated and aftr 8 mnths she opened my fb and found that i have frnd that are girls and i talk wid den i dnt knw what she tought but she got angry and told evry thng to her parents and then she caled me said i need to nullify th marriage and it came as a shock to me becoz of misundrstdng. and i have a date in family court aftr 3 mnths from nw .we got married in arya samaj mandir i have pics and evrythng. and as per the caes she has filed and the matter that they have wrote is i and getting a salary of 40000rs and i have uncle in usa and i wil go to usa anytime and i dnt evn have a passport and she has dat she got like last month .and matter said that i asked her to come the court and i asked her to marry her becoz i need certificate to get visa and i said if u say no i wil attempt sucide and she said yes and and then i nvr went to usa and aftr 8 mnths i caled her and said i nvr went and she is my wife and she has to stay wid me or i have her pics i wil uplod that on internet and i as per the matter i ahve slapped her outside and inside working place when she tired to stop me to see obsecne flims and i dnt need nulity and she & parent do and juz to be clear she was happy wid me and she is scared of her parents . i evrythng i wrote is written in the matter i havent done it. and evrythng is a lie . dnt get 4000rs i was doing my . and i havent said anythng like suicide.and she wanted to get married and we did. and nw is she is the one who cant let her parents undrstnd , nt me. and as per me view her parents knw that i stay wid my aunt and my massi and mom is divorced .