Divorce Advice

Hi, I needed some legal advice with filing my divorce. Just to gice a quick background about me and my wife. I live in USA for last 5 years and I am currently on employment visa H1B (valid for 1 more year). Me and my wife got engaged in June 2012 and Married in Jan 2013. I wasn't interested in her and backed out of marriage two months before marriage (have proof). Eventually I agreed to marry after she emotionally blackmailed me with suicides. After marriage, we still had issues. I told her that I am gay (I am bisexual in reality) since I didnt want to get physical with her. I havent consumated my marriage and I don't intend to do so in future. My wife is working and have employment visa h1b which is valid for 5+ more years. We have been living separate for last 1 year. I have helped her moneterily from employment visa filing to expenditure for her convenience. I have enough proof where she claims that I have never hurt her physically and respected her womanhood. She cannot claim cruelty on that. We both now agree for a mutual divorce and I am willing to pay her an alimony of 10 lakhs. I am filing the divorce in US to expediete the process unlike India where the case drags for years. The issue is that she wants me pay the alimony amount even before filing the case which I am not comfortable with. I am fine giving her the money on the day of divorce before we actually sign the divorce papers. I know, for a divoce in US to be valid in India there should be common ground. Can I claim impotency as a ground for divorce since I haven't consumated my marriage yet? Can my wife claim rights in my parents property in India? What things I should keep in mind if it is a contested divorce to protect mine and my family's right? Once I get separated in US, what legal action can she take against me in India and how does it affect me when I am in US? Appreciate your help Thanks, #