does adopted child claim property ?

Im adopted son my age is 24 (01 of July) .Our parents passed away since three years ago. Dad didnt leave any inheritance for us nor Will to three of us (children). Now my brother and sister tell me that i dont have any rights to claim for the property. Furthermore , they say that i had not been registered under the court as per laws for adopted children.To get money back from bank they (brother and sister) went to have a word with bank manager giving details that they are only two children of their parents. But when verification came they failed knowing im also son bank refused to give the money back. And they just swept to court for land property and money. Morever he sold the land without my concerned and wanted to handover the land to builders . Now im working away from my home working in mumbai and they are calling me in my hometown at siliguri where our property belongs to as he is giving land to builders .Morever im facing difficulties to make my passport in mumbai reson asking my hometown address??????