Alimony and Streedhan

Hi, I married in the month of April 2019 & this is our 2nd marriage. On 9th June 2019, I came to know by seen her what’s app massages that, she has a man to whom she disclosed everything regarding her marriage life, personal life, family life & the person does not know by me in any concern. I asked her several time about that man but she didn’t reply. Next day morning along with her I visited her parental house & asked every one about that man. During conversation with her family members they all agreed that the lady made a mistake & request me give another chance to our relation. I agree with that but the lady refuse to come & want to stay in her parental house for seven days. After 15 days she didn’t came back though we called her parents several time to know when she will return back. But they didn’t have any positive response. So I met with a lawyer and submitted a GD in our local police station. On 26th June 2019 I try to contact with her as I really want to save my 2nd marriage & we start communicating through sms. During SMS conversation several times she agreed that she made a mistake & on 9th August 2019 she returned back to my house. On 4th September 2019 I came to know from her mobile (as she has a tendency to record all the calls) that she written a petition against me during her office time and going to submit to her lawyer. So I asked her to give me answer of all next day morning. Next day early morning I came to know that, she left my house with her valuable belongings without informs anyone (me or my mother). After that her father called us and informed that, she does not want to continue this relation. On 16th September she came with her two uncles and her elder sister and taken back ornaments, jewellery, cosmetics and furniture even the jewellery I received from her house everything. After received all the items from me she written a declaration in the presence of witness on a 10Rs stamp paper that, as she is not want to continue this marriage that’s why she return back all the items & going back to her parental house and not demand any streedhan in future. On 4th October 2019 her lawyer called us and wants onetime settlement money or else going for a maintenance case against me. I am a graduate and working in a private sector and my net salary is 35K and gross invluding incentive 52K. I am staying in our own flat with my mother (house Wife). The lady has a master degree and working in a private firm with the salary of 12K. She is staying with her father, mother & a non married elder sister. If she claims money from me how much could she claim onetime or monthly?? Kindly advice what should I do in this situation.