Distribution of ancestral farmland/agricultural property

Hi, Request your views/comments on distribution of ancestral agricultural land which was directly transferred to my brother’s name from my grandfather name after his death. Below are the details. 1. Grandfather has three sons, my father and his two siblings (grandfather passed away in 1995) 2. We are three sons to my father, I am the eldest. 3. My grandfather distributed his farmland to his sons in 1957 and he kept some on his name. 4. Around 2001 after my grandfather died, my father and his siblings transferred 21 acres of my grandfather’s farmland to my younger brother. 5. Now my younger brother is not willing to give me and my youngest brother our share of the farmland. Btw - We are Hindu and living in Karnataka state, if it matters. I have following questions on above matter- 1. Do I have legal rights to ask my share of this 21 acres of farmland? 2. Can he sell the farmland without my consent? 3. Can he transfer it to someone else without my consent, e.g. to my uncle? 4. If I take it to the court how long would it take to get it resolved? Please let me know if you need additional info. I don’t want to take it to the court if I don’t have any legal rights on this property. I do think that it’s not fair if he eats up all 21 acers of farmland leaving me and my youngest brother high and dry. Please advise. Thank you! Jay