Breakup with boyfriend due to abusive nature - legal issue

I had been in relationship with a guy from nov,2018. Prior to that I was in another relationship.In the previous relationship we had sex and it was consensual. When I began this relationship i didn't inform him about my past relationship and he got to know through my ex-boyfriend.He forced me into sex the first time saying he will accept me only if i have sex wih him as it had happened before.As I loved him so much I did have sex with him and it continued till may,2019. In between this perios I was abused by him physically(he beat me badly for wearing a watch given by my friend) as well as emotionally(called me by names like slut,prostitute and many more and scolded me badly at dfferent times).I tolerated everything and was with him thinking he would change and it was only due to my mistake he was like that.But this continued on till now.In between he said he wanted to break up with me for more than 3 times but then again it was only him who came back to me saying he wanted to be together with me.I accepted him each time because i loved him so much. Now I am at my home and we both are in different cities at present.Even when i was away from him his behaviour never changed.My love for him slowly turned into hatred and i have come to a point where i don't want to be with him.When i said i wanted to breakup with him , he threatened me using my photo.He said he would show it everyone and to my parents and say them everything about my relationship with him as well as my past relationship.I somehow spoke to him and asked him not do so.He said he deleted the pics(I don't know if its true). But then i clearly said to him after all this I don't want to be with him and I don't like hs character. He kept quiet for sometimes.But then he again started saying lets be together. When i said no,he said he is gonna inform my parents about it and is also gong to take a legal action against me for leaving him. I really don't want my parents to know about all these things and i didn't want to be with him only because of his character. Is breaking up with legally wrong..can i take legal action against him? will his legal action against me be valid? I am in a condition where i cannot share these things with any of my friends and need a solution for m problem. Please help. Regards, H