Regarding 120B, 191, 211,340 and divorce

1. I got married through bharat matrimony, it was our mutual decision along with the family. There was no dowry thing in our marriage but gifts were shared. 2. Wife never lived alone at my native place, instead we had just few days approx 1 month in two years for holidays. 3. Now wife is filing complaints in local police station for 498a, but it was a love marriage and she alleged that my family demanded 30 lacs of dowry, however nothing like this ever happened, never ever. Yet the FIR has not been registered for 498a but 125 and dv has been filed in the court by my wife. 4. As i have known through some confirmed sources that this is all done through planned conspiracy to extract money from my family, can i file 120B with supporting sections of IPC. 5. Can i file defamation as she has written humiliating complaints to my office and Superiors accusing me and my family. Do i have wait for all cases to prove wrong or i can file defamation as the letters are written to my office, just to defame and humiliate me.