How to defend 498 and DVC case

I Stanely R. Baptist residing at H.No.20-112/3, B-18, Dayanand Nagar, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad – 47. Aged 30 years old working in 24/7 Customer Pvt. Ltd since Oct, 2011. Married Cynthia Maria on 05th October, 2011. We had minor problems started within the next month after getting married. Issue was related to finance. Reason me being the elder son of family who has the responsibility to take care of everyone including her. So I’ve to manage finance accordingly based on my salary income. So most of the times I use to run short of money which was unbearable for her. So she managed to do a job Bata Shoe Center. So she use to go in the morning 10 am and return back to the house by night 10.30pm, most of the time I’ve said to leave her that job and resume back to Beauty parlor job and she refused it. There was no week offs for her and so she was unable to spend the time with me on my week offs. So we had arguments on this topic and she literally use to threaten me that she will suicide by slitting the hand with knife or drinking phenyl. Then we had our elders involved in this matter and were made comprised on both sides. Later on she would be nice for around 1 month or 1 ½ months, after that resume back to arguments which are silly. I’ve never asked for her salary since she started working in Bata Shoe Centre. But she had an eye on my salary that how much I’m getting it and spending on family. Due to this also we had heated arguments that I’m not taking care of her and not giving her the complete salary. Also there is another issue that her co-worker is a widow and she spends most of her time either at the job or on the phone. If starts the day with the phone call then it will end until she gets asleep. Then we had another session on this topic with our elders, we came to conclusion with comprising all these things. With all the comprising stuffs we took a separate 1BHK in Patel Nagar to avoid the arguments and live peacefully. Once we have shifted to that place, the very next day had arguments related to money. She use to doesn’t cook and go for her job in the morning. She didn’t bothered and was very selfish. Later it was sorted out. I got the seizure attack because of her mental torture that she was giving me. I got mentally harassed by her behavior, rudeness and attitude. The very next month of December, 2013 she argued on that why she was not informed about the gift to my dad of mobile phone. So to comprise I gifted her watch but she was making strange comments and she made me leave that house. Later she never called or didn’t come to meet or speak affront to sort the issue, until 10 months she was staying with her mom. After that they met one of their relatives who suggested for complaining in the P.S. This resulted in again comprising, she was made to come again stay with our family, managed to take individual room beside where my mom and dad were staying. She hardly was good for 2 months and started to show the original color of her. Argument was related to the finance, during this month I was facing difficulties with the finance as I’ve manage house rent, rationing, Emi’s, credit card bills etc. She demanded me to give her the pocket money of Rs.1000/month; I’ve not denied about this, I said her to please wait until the month of May and I will be able to manage it. She refused for it, next she started arguing on month rationing wherein my mom was taking care right from the beginning. I said her let me speak with mom and will let her know about it. Spoke with mom and she being the elder has the right to care of such things so for that matter it was refused. For this thing she started to argue on this. To be frank she was not at all taking any responsibility like getting up late by 9.30 am in the morning, didn’t bothered to cook until I come from office in the morning, her mother was interfering and she was calling her daily at her home. So she goes in morning and comes back in the night. This resulted heated argument. Earlier my parents weren’t staying with me; they were in Solapur, Maharashtra. So during that time I was suffering a brief mental torture from her, threatening she would complain. At the end of the day a couple has to be happy and live peacefully. But here neither she is happy nor allowing me to live peacefully. I myself unable to concentrate on work and other stuff due to her mental torture. So finally with some of their relatives help she managed to call Women’s right member and threatened again that FIR will be raised if I’m not going to comprise. She was demanding 5000/month pocket money if she is not allowed to work or else she was demanding that will continue to work in the previous place of Bata Shoe Centre. With this demands I’ve refused and said that I would agree for 2 things. First one was she can continue to do job in Beauty Parlor, second one was to setup a home small business by providing home service in terms of Beauty Parlor.