husband sent divorce notice stating false i want my husband

sir i got married on feb 5th 2014 my husband take dowry 10lakhs before the marrige (8months) after marriage my motherinlaw and sister in laws and her family inlaws also harrasing me i love my husband and trust him but he never support me they harras me mentally and physically and sent me to my parents home and lying that i went out from my husband to parents without reason these ara all repeated only reason i bare for my husband he blackmail me emotionally pls adjust like that one day all sister and husband and their inlaws came to my husbands house and beat me siverely and try to murder i just saved by went to bathroom and cal to my parents tthey came there but these cruel people slap my father with chappal and my hubby then blackmail me go from there if u didnt i will die then i came to parents then dialy i sent msgs calls to hubby no responce oneday sent a mail to leave everything and come said that my people are as usual i afraid but wait for hubby i went to community heads and ask help they call them but husbands family didnot came he sent lawyer notice but we said we are solving by community heads they suddenly he sent a divorce notice that i am not with him last one year that is false what to do i have all proof of physical harrasment and mails audio records dowry bank statements etc within one year they show me lot of harrasments motherinlaw said that she didnt like me and gave one year time to her son to our marrital relation they throw me without chappals my things gold documents clothes all are there from dec 2014 divorce hereing is on 22nd june what to do i want my marital life with hubby iam unemployed i didnot know even his salary whereabouts just because of elder relative blindly give them 10lakhs me and my parents are cheated by elders they are supporting my inlaws my sisinlaw slapped me and beat me with legs in my husband house came from her inlaws house early in the morning with husband,fatherinlaw both men are lawyer and expolice even 6months are went i just wait because elders will solve and my husband realize but no use what to do? my father had another daughter and son already spent 10lakhs and till marriage all expenses given by my father my husband didnot spent a bindi sticker but in petition he said i harras him to fullfill my desires