advise in divorce

respected sir, i need some guidance ,please help me in finding the right path i am john ,i married a girl (arranged marriage) both are christians,after 2 months of marriage i came to know that she has mild mental retardation ,i did her iq test through a doctor and got it confirmed and got a certificate , marriage is not consumated ,her family purposely did fraud with me ,so on three grounds i filed divorce 1) Non consumption of marriage 2) Mental retardation 3) fraud i lived with her for on 2 months and 17 days ,after that i sent her with her family members ,now after 7 months her family has filed a dv against me and family, now my question is on the first three mentioned grounds will i get a divorce she is 26 - we dont have any child - how much maintainence will i have to pay what happens in the dv ,what is prohibitary orders in dv should i expect a 498a against me and will my parents also get arrested please help , im tooo much depressed with all this ,please guide me