Fir for misappropriation of govt. fund

Dear Sir, I would like to seek some legal knowledge from you. My Father was a Govt. Employee in health and family welfare and now he retired on 2012. But recently on 7th April, 2015, there was an FIR filled against 17 people including him accusing of fund misappropriation though it was not addressed in his name. So there it showed that my father failed to give utilization certificate of approx 37 lakhs in the last working office from where he retired and 4 lakhs pending from a office where he used to work approx 7and half years back. Now, there has been so many audits and fund sections for years and no pending was there, but after years all on a sudden this case arose. But my father regularly submitted all utilization certificate and all and after this matter, he personally looked into the matter and found all the original vouchers etc in the HO and he updated it the system. So now, through RTI he took a printout of pending adjustment and its 0 ( zero ) now. Meanwhile, after this FIR thing, everyone applied for Anticipatory Bail as there was criminal charges against them and they got bail for one month. So here I want to know what all immunity can he get in this case..?? And I read in CCS Pension Rules, 1974 that " if departmental proceedings had not been instituted while the officer was in service including the period of his reemployment, if any, proceedings under rule 9 of CCS ( pension) Rules, 1974 can be instituted only 1) by or with the sanction of the President 2) in respect of a cause of action which arose, or in respect of any event which took place not earlier then 4 years before the institution of the proceedings " So In this case Will He Get Immunity as the allegation of Misappropriation of 4 lakhs was from the office he used to work 7and half years back?? Thank You Sir..