Nullify of Marriage

1. I got married on [deleted]. 2. My marriage is not registered. 3. My marriage was not consummated and I have a prescription dated July 2013 of a Gyno Doctor in which she wrote that No Inter Course till yet and even suggested that there is some surgery needed to be done on my wife to broaden her Vaginal passage. 4. Even I got few Test done on me as my wife was claiming to my family members that I am Impotent. All the test were normal from PIPE Test, Hormonal Test and Semen Analysis test. All reports are with me. 5. She and her brothers exoterted money from me and always threatened me that we will put a false case on u and u will be behind bars. Me and my mother was so afraid that we could not do anything. 6. My wife left my home in June 2014 without any reason, she wrote many messages that it was her fault that she left the house and was feeling sorry that she won’t abuse me and my widow mother who age is 63 years anymore (Messages are stored with me) even she called me and felt sorry for all her behaviours (Recording is with me). 7. In July 2014 I met her to bring her back, she agreed to be back but her mother, Brother and Cousin brother refused to send her back. 8. In August 2014 her cousin brother called me and threatened me dire consequences, he abused me with filthy word, he told me I will get u murdered, he even told within minutes I’ll finish off your family and will also send everyone to Jail.(Complete Phone recording is with me). The same day in the afternoon my wife, her 5 cousin and her Sister in law entered my home and started abusing and threatening me and my mother and they looted many things and took away my wife cloths, Jewelries (Stree dhan) .CCTV footage of there enter and exit with many luggage in my building looby is with me even my few neighbours are witness to the complete incident. The same day I made a General Diary with Police Station and copied it to CP,ADC and ACP. 9. Since August 2014 after looting my house she contacted me only in October 2014 through Watsapp Chat from a new number.(I have stored all her messages). She told that I am sorry for what I have done and also felt sorry for her abusive behavior. She agreed that she is sorry for saying me “NAMARD” infront of my neighbours. 10. In January my few relatives tried to contact her brothers and had a meeting to sort out the problems so they demanded Heavy Cash and a Flat for her sister which we refused 11. Now in May 2015 she filed a 125(I) case on me and claimed maintainance and even mentioned that her father (who is deceased) had given me and my family Cash,Gifts and Jewelleries worth 35 lacs. It’s a complete false statement. 12. She is in Job which she admitted in her watsapp chat with me. 13. She is doing job in her cousin office and receiving salary in Cash Rs.30000/- per month. How can I prove it ? She also don’t have a bank account and PAN number My question is: 1. Should I file for Nullify of Marriage ? 2. Can I get back the Jewelleries which my mother gave to her (Since it is having a huge value and its my ancestral Jewelleries). 3. Can I file any cases on her Brother and Cousin cause she even abused my Mother? 4. She is not staying with me since a year so can she file any other cases on me and my family ? Please guide. Regards