Not getting my security deposit from the lessor

I was staying in a rented accommodation in Bangalore, managed by a property management company. at the end of the agreement period in April 2019, we renewed the agreement until August 31st and I duly vacated the house on August 30th, and after complete painting and cleaning, I handed over the flat on 31st August. An official from the company inspected the house on the same day and said there would be no deductions and the entire security deposit would be repaid in a couple of days. However, the company turned out to be frauds. Habitually, they don't return the deposit of any of their tenants, and they didn't return mine too. After relentless follow up, they gave me a post-dated cheque and then before the cheque was presented, they made stop payment on the cheque and hence it was dishonoured. When I asked them why they blocked it, they are giving a terribly lame excuse that they lost some other client because of me and so they blocked my cheque. After that, I am calling them daily for the payment, but they are showing no interest in paying it. I went to the police station to lodge a complaint, but they are showing no interest in helping me. Please suggest the legal way forward.