Land boundary issue( encroachment)

The Land lord(X) converted the Revenue Land of ( 5 Gunta + 2 Gunta B Karab survey # 30/1) to DC converted Property and in that he made 6 sites and sold it by Aug 2011. The Neighboring land owner(Y) petitioned under lower civil court against the Land owner and all the 6 site owner on Sep 2011 and received the Judgement on 2015. This he managed to do so without the notice of the defendant. there was no summon received and this looks like he planned very well to bribe the postman , amine.... on 2019 He relieved the case update to the land owners of 6 sites which states that "The Land owner has only 5 gunta and he has made 6 sites in that, which means about 4k sq ft is excess and it belongs to him" and the judgment is given on exparty. Our Investigation in which we found and need expert comments to know if any of the point is favourable to us to defend in legal situation 1.We did the survey of the neighbouring land (survey # 30/6 & 30/7 )and he has the area what he is suppose to have. 2.He has registered few of the sites of survey # 30/6 in different survey number ie 39 but they are incorrect ( will this situation add value) 3.The Y is lady a divorced lives in oversea. now the ex husband is asking for the compensation and he is assuring his ex wife will come and sign for any out of court settlement 4.Y is one of the twins how do we differentiate that who is signing and owner of the land.