Terminated and not provided salary withput any reason.

Hello sir/mam, I am Sharukh living in south delhi. I have joined a private company on 2nd of April for the post of Telecaller. Company's target was Rs. 1Lakh. In first month the employee has to achieve 50-60% of the same. Till 13th of May I have achived the 20% of the target and and except me and 2 employees, other employee's achivement of target was 0. But on the same date ( Before 2 days of Salary Date i.e, 15th of May) the company's head and team co-ordinater says to me that you are tarminated due to your poor performance as you not achived the 50-60% of target and for the same your salary will not be provided by the company. They also said to me that please Sign. on the tarmination letter which was mentioned about that your salary will not be provided but I didn't signed the same. On 15th of May all the employees got their salary but as I again asked them on 15th of May they said that you are not entitled for the salary as the offer letter says about it that salary is based on your performance and target. But as I asked to them for what about other employees got their salary without achieving 0% of target they said that mind your business. I was 20% and they was 0% but after that they got their salary. Is it possible to terminate an employee without the notice and his salary for the work and the time he consumed for the company can be forfeited according to the law.