Non biological Father - Court granted Divorce on Adultery - Ex wife using my name as father of child

Hello all, Good day. I married on [deleted] and ex-wife deserted me on [deleted]. On [deleted] she telephoned to me and informed me that she is 5th month pregnant as on that day. I was shocked by hearing that news because I never met her after desertion ([deleted]). On [deleted] I got her medical documents and those stating that she conceived in month of June – 2015. Immediately on [deleted] I filed divorce suit in Family Court on adultery ground and also I filed DNA petition. She gave birth on [deleted] which is after 329 days of desertion. Before Family Court, I successfully proved my non access at the time of her child begotten. Court allowed DNA, but she didn’t attend. Finally court declared that i) It is impossible to respondent give birth to a child of having 280 days of gestational age after 329 days of desertion. ii) Petitioner is not biological father of respondent’s child. iii) Respondent gave birth to her child through some other person. iv) It is nothing but adulterous life. And thereby court passed decree of divorce on adultery ground on [deleted]. On [deleted], by enclosing divorce document, I filed an application before Chief Registrar of Birth and Deaths (CRBD) that to remove my name and my surname from ex-wife’s child’s birth certificate. On [deleted], CRBD removed my name and surname from ex-wife’s child’s birth certificate. But during this process ex-wife joined her child in school in June – 2019 (I don’t know in which school she joined her child) and it is nothing but my name and my surname is continuing in her child’s school records. I would like to file a suit before the Court. Could you tell me which kind of suit I have to file under which sections and what prayer I have to make in suit. or any other options to stop her in using my name and my surname in her child's records.