Will,Share in property,ancestral prop. or self acquired..

My grandfather purchased two properties in new delhi long time back...My grandfather left a will but that will was lost..So after the death of my grandfather,my father got one house as his share by way of mutual understanding between my father and my uncle(chacha) which was passed by judge in the court.I have that judgement copy with me..i also have a affidavit of my all bhuas stating that they dont want any share from their fathers property, which was signed by them at the time of partition..Now i along with my parents is living on the ground floor of this house..and on the first floor my younger brother is living with his family..above that first floor there is terrace..Three years back my father gifted ( via gift deed registered at the sub registrar office )me and my wife the "roof /terrace rights of first floor and above "of the said house.I paid the applicable stamp duty for that..It is a non conditional gift deed gifted as a resuit of love and affection towards my parents..Now i have no of questions as : 1) After the gift deed that portion which was gifted becomes a self acquired property of me and my wife or not? 2) the ground and first floor is still in my fathers name (on the basis of court order and NOC from all bhuas ).after the death of my father can my mother claim 1/4 th share from this as we are two brothers and one married sister ? 3) If i along with my wife makes a registered will in favour of my younger son for the portion which was gifted by my father to me..then after my death can my elder son claim his share from the said portion ?? Thank you to all in advance !!