Non payment of maintenance to builder

I live in Pune in a complex of 140 apartments which was completed in Dec 2008. Since then, till July 2012 builder was looking after the complex. During this time, apartment owners and builder were at loggerheads due to various issues like 1) no availability of Pune Municipal Corporation water 2) non availability of audit of maintenance expenditure 3) builder not registering society etc Builder alleged that some owners were not paying due maintenance and hence there were insufficient funds available to maintain the complex. In July 2012, apartment owners unanimously decided to stop payment to builder and maintain all by themselves. However, two committees and two chief promoters later, we are still in the same position. My query 1) Is the non payment of maintenance to builder an issue while registering society 2) How many of 140 apartment owners are required for registration process 3) Since the adhoc committees are now showing audit records and other documents, is it possible to stop payment to them as well