Money drawn from my bank account without my knowledge and did not send the SMS about the transaction

A. Six unknown transactions were debited from my account between 21st January, 2019 to 23rd January for total Rs.82,888.60 (Rs. Eighty two thousand, eight hundred eighty eight and paise sixty only), without my knowledge and without my instructions. When I referred my bank account online on 4th February, 2019, I observed that there were unknown and fraudulent transaction occurred in my account. Accordingly I blocked my card on 4th February, 2019 and lodged a complaint to bank and police on 5th February, 2019. b. After lodging a complaint to the Bank (IDBI), (copies are available in 5 above), the Bank has refused to refund my amount on the ground ‘DELAY IN INTIMATING THE LOSS TO THE BANK AND HOTLISTING THE CARD LISTING’ on the basis of SMS alters delivered by the bank to my registered mobile number. c. I lodged a complaint to RBI Ombudsman and the Ombudsman passed an order by refusing my claim and asked the IDBI bank to pay INR 20,000 on 'good faith basis' and the order said 'Inspite of the rejection of your complaint by the Banking Ombudsman, you are at the liberty to approach a Civil Court of Competent Jurisdiction or such other authority in accordance with the rule of law for the redressal of your grievance' Here i have to mentioned that though the bank - IDBI claims that SMS were sent to me, but no SMS were received for these transaction, though at the same time SMS were received for my valid transaction. On above ground, what legal option you do suggest to recover my balance money INR 62,888 (I received INR 20,000).