What should be my defence of woman allegation , i am a respondent??

John is a professional photographer working in a leading Company which sells apparel for expecting mothers. He has three sisters. The second sister is a doctor and has two kids. John is a very devoted brother and frequently visits the hospital where his sister works. His sister works at one of the leading hospitals which is far away from his place. He is also a very devoted uncle. John had recently received a raise for his performance at the company. He had purchased a brand new car called ‘Venue’ which was bright blue in colour and looked attractive. He had four traffic signals on his commute to office every day. On his first signal, he passes by a petrol bunk. On his second signal, he passes by a Government hospital on the opposite side of the road. The third signal is an extremely busy signal as there is a school and college near the same. Near the fourth signal, there is a super speciality hospital on the same side of the road. . John wanted to take his car to his office to show off to his colleagues after the purchase. He crossed the first signal and immediately in front of him, he saw an accident, wherein the lady passenger of an auto was thrown out on the road. The auto though momentarily stopped, fled as soon as crowd started to gather. John parked the car to the side of the road and got out to see if the lady was injured. When he went to see the lady, he realised that the lady was pregnant and was also his sister’s patient. He recognised her from one of his visits. He immediately rushed to her side, picked her up and took her in his car to take her to the hospital. He had tried calling his sister but her phone was unavailable. The lady was conscious at that time. The lady was Vinaya. Her case was frequently discussed at home. She had been childless for about 7 years and finally after John’s sister performed an IVF treatment, she was able to conceive. Vinaya was also advised to take bed rest in the later stages of her pregnancy as she was aged 43 and the pregnancy was going to be a tough one. Though John did not know the intricate details of Vinaya’s case, he knew that his sister had mentioned a few times that Vinaya’s case was a tough one. In fact, John had observed in one his visits to his sister that Vinaya had a sweet disposition and often played with his niece and nephew. Meanwhile, John in a rush of panic, immediately proceeded towards the super speciality hospital. At the second signal, he realised that Vinaya had lost consciousness; however, he stopped at the signal as the signal was red. He rushed through the third signal as the light was yellow. Another car with the same intention of skipping the red light, rushed through and jammed into the rear of John’s car. He recovered soon and took the lady to the hospital. At the hospital, it was pronounced that Vinaya had given birth to a still born child. After coming home, he called his sister and narrated the incident to her. Despite not being present there, as a