Mental and physical harassment by husband and father - in - law

My husband started harassing me mentally a few months after our marriage. According to him, I could never do anything right. Every inconsequential event was blown out of proportion and was somehow tied to my skills as a home - maker. I am a working wife, and I believe that responsibilities should be shared. I learnt of a sister of his (not related by blood) who has stopped talking to him because, according to him, he got married. Flimsy as the reason might be, I urged him to go and speak to her, believing this to be a regular brother - sister relationship. He spent 5 hours at her place, and on coming home, stoically refused to tell me the conversation that took place. She fell ill after a few days and my husband too her to the hospital, refusing my offer to accompany them. This sounded terribly fishy. His phone, laptop, and almirah were always locked. I eventually founf out that he had been talking to her late into the night, while adamantly telling me that he was not in touch with her whenever I asked. After 2 years of constant harassment (he hit me twice because I foul - mouthed that woman) during which he made me visit a psychiatrist, I gave in to his demand of a divorce by mutual consent. He then suffered a cerebral attack which left him temporarily paralysed on the left side. I took care of him and nursed him back to health. I took him to my parents' and ensured he received regular physiotherapy sessions. Meanwhile, I stumbled across conversations between him and his father where I found that they have been plotting against me. I decided to let bygones be bygones. I did not tell my husband of the conversations I found and asked him if he was ready to start afresh (given that we were on the verge of getting a divorce). He agreed. He left for his parents' place 10 days after we came home and since then has been harassing me - emotionally and mentally. He has alo tried to opress me financially. I filed a complaint against him and he was asked to come for couselling sessions. He refused and I filed an FIR. The police has registered a case against him under IPC 498A and 506. I have printouts of emails exchanged between him and his father, where his father has asked him to threaten me and to "no longer spare the rod". In a telephonic conversation a few days back, he has threatened me with dire consequences should I shift houses (I was planning to do so as he has refused to pay the rent whic amounts to half my salary). I wanted to know the proofs I can present to prove that I am telling the truth. P.S: I also have sudio files where his father is saying that my mother - in - law also does not want this marriage to continue.