Domestic Violence

Sir, I got married few months ago. My husband and his mother are torturing a lot. My mother in law (MIL) always creates misunderstandings and blames falsely which creates a lot of hassle in my relationship. She also hit me and threatens me of killing me. Sometimes she threatens me of reporting false in the police that I stole important things from her house. She keeps on running towards me shouting and drags me out of the house several times. Husband only listens to his mother and either joins her in teasing me or keep silent. I am so much depressed and also not well due to these tensions. MIL always asks my husband to leave me and now he also says me to leave him. They abuse and shouts at me everytime. My Father in law keeps mum on the issue. Few days back I came back to my parents' house on the condition that my husband should shift from there. After a lot of blame game and problems, he has taken a flat on rent in nearby area. But now MIL keeps on coming at my home and started shouting, blaming and abusing. Things are even worst now. Husband thinks that I have separated him from his family and is totally against me and follows his mother blindly. He pays no regard to me and never talks to me in normal tone. I am suffering through so much mental trauma. Pls help me. I don't think I can take up this anymore. I wish them to be punished severely for exploiting my life.