Regarding carpenter

Carpenter was recommended to us by a hardware shop also supplying kitchen shutters.the carpenter being a man of the hardware shop started cheating us in the form of receiving hardware materials from this shop without actually utilising this material for my flat .Rates on delivery challans reflected exorbitant values whereas market rates were nearly half the value.inspite of repeated warnings the carpenter lifted material from the shop and the hardware shop owner started claiming for payments.doubting his intentions I went on site and asked him to show one of the items costing 24000.and since he could not show it he claimed that there could be a mistake in his receiving the items and started making excuses after which he started causing damage to my property breaking floor tiles ,cracks on walls ,glass door breaking,etc.he supplied wrong dimensions to hardware shop regarding kitchen shutters and received shutters which were misfit thereby causing heavy financial loss.i now wish to stop taking services of this carpenter and get my unfinished work completed from another carpenter .I asked for his bill of completed works for settlement he has not served me a signed bill however sent a WhatsApp bill which is unsigned and with exorbitant rates .I have asked an assessor to assess his completed works and work out the cost at market rates .This carpenter is threatening me for hiring other carpenter.could you please advise me steps to claim for compensation.I have already paid three cheques two of which he demanded on his name and one on his wife's name. He is still demanding for more money and the measurements shown on his bill is not tallying with actual measurements on site . Please advise how to tackle this issue