Employment Bond

Sir, I had joined a company on 11th of may. The offer was through campus. They had taken my interview and I was selected. The provided me with a letter of Intent at that time stating my CTC of 4.07 lakhs and a two-year binding period, but not bond amount. When I reported on 11th May they made me sign an employment contract(Agreement) along with the offer letter stating the bond amount of 1.5 Lakhs. I was not given the time to consult my parents. When I started working with the organisation I came to know that I would be geeting 20000 per month. These all happened without any knowledge of my parents. When I told them about these things they were hurt a lot. There was a family problem arising due to this and my grandmother too was losing her health. So, I comminucated this matter with my HR and reporting manager they were casual. So, I informed them I would be leaving the organisation. I left the organisation in 5 days. Now they are threatening me of legal action. Do give some valuable feedback on this Sir.