Deposit with held by landlord

Letter Regarding the Deposit refunding My son had rented a house at Andheri west Mumbai on 10th February 2015. He, due to certain reasons wanted to vacate the house by mid May 2015. i had talked to the landlady and informed her about this around via Whatsapp messaging on 16 April 2015. The written letter dated 20th of April 2015 for vacating the house was provided by my son on 22nd April 2015 to their broker Mr. Amit Nigam staying next door. When I informed them that the letter has been handed over to Mr. Nigam, the Landlady said that it should be handed over to them and not to any third person. So, Sanchit, my son handed over the letter to them personally on 28th April 2015. While he was there they did not come over to check the house. When he had packed his things etc. and ready to leave they asked us to hand over the keys to the broker as they were out of town and they will come over and check the house. later, on around 19th May 2015 i asked if they did go to check the house, they said yes but want to wait for the latest electricity bill. I asked them how many days will that take but got no response. On 21st May I asked the landlady and the landlord to at least an estimated date. As per my message I quoted ‘Could you possibly give me the final deduction. As far as the electricity bill is concerned I can offer two options: 1. Mr. Nigam is supposed to give remaining Rs. 500/-for some article he had bought from Sanchit. So, that can be detained as the payment for electricity bill. 2. I could also make the payment online for the said electricity bill like I did for the previous bill . All you need is to send me a photo of that picture of that bill. So, please discuss that with Mr. Trivedi and transfer the deposit money.