Car Parking

Hi, Our building is re-developed & people have moved in to the flats since last 1.5 year. However there is no OC and no Society being formed yet by the builder. Which doesn't seems to be coming soon as Builder having hidden interest. Builder has forced us to move in without OC - by stopping rent amount. Now builder is forcing us to buy Parking - which we are not willing to purchase, as I could see plenty of open space to manage with. He has asked to park vehicle outside - if not willing to purchase parking. Kindly help me to know : - Can builder force me to park vehicle out side ? As I am asking him to allow me to park at least in open space. - Should complaining to Police will help ? I Mean, can police force builder to allow me to parking ? - What are my rights in this case - as there is no OC. How can i defend my right - if any ? - How to move ahead in this to make sure Parking gets allotted to me as per Society bye-law - note that OC is still not there ? Regards, Prakash