Wife and her parents are giving tortures

My name is Mohammed Khaled and my wife name is Fahmina Nazia. It's been three years of our marriage. My wife's father is my mother own brother, he is older than my mother so he is using that thing in my relationship. From the day one he is using that benefit. Whenever he wants to take her daughter he just orders my parents and takes away that thing is still going on in between lots of fights happen, like my wife creating lots of fights by passing every single words that happens in my house. I have a beautiful daughter and my wife and her parents are giving hard time with me. My father in law always tried to create differences between me and my wife, that's the reason my wife became now tension free how many days I want I can stay in my parents home, no one can able to tell me to come, if they told me to come my father is there he will manage all the things. It's been one year of my daughter but still I cannot able to stay with my daughter with my will. My wife and her parents tries to always kept me and my family away from my daughter. From the marriage my mother got diabetes and blood pressure disease and my father had two face bell palsy attacks. My life is worst than ever in my life.