Annulment of marriage

i have married a girl 1 year back. immediately say 1 week after marriage i informed to girls relatives that i am not able to have sexual intercourse with the girl and i suspected some problem with girl. then after informing to girls family, we took the girl accompanied by her mother and my parents for consultation with doctor. the gynecologist examined the girl and revealed that she was having uterine fibroids inside her abdomen causing pressure effect because of which i could not have sexual intercourse. after few days, i was able to have sexual intercourse with lady but with great difficulty. because of her uterine fibroids, the girl remained infertile (could not become pregnant) even after trying for 6 months to get kids. after 6 months we took girl to another hospital where surgery was planned to removed fibroids which was thought to be the cause for her infertility. but during the surgery, doctor called me and told that fibroids inside her abdomen are attached tightly to intestine hence if operated can lead to tear of intestine and life risk for the girl so i & her patients told doctor not to proceed further for surgery. because of this fibroids i am childless & not having satisfactory normal sexual life. the main reason for annulment of marriage is the girl know about her fibroids problem before our marriage and concealed the fact and married me as the doctors are telling that the fibroids inside her abdomen are bigger in size and hence the girls should be having this problem from fews before her marriage. doctors are also telling that usually fibrois dont get attached to intestine inside abdomen. if the fibroids are attached to intestine as in my wife’s case, there should be associated other diseases for causing the attachment between fibroids and intestine like endometriosis, adenomyosis, tuberculosis (t.b) etc. another important finding revealed by doctors is that my wife’s antral follicular count & amh hormone levels are very poor because of which even if uterine fibroids are surgically removed taking great risk, even then my wife will not become pregnant because of her very poor antral follicular count & amh hormone levels. i feel i am cheated by girl who married me without revealing her medical problem that is about her uterine fibroids because of which i am childless and doctors telling that my wife becoming pregnant is very very rare. i need a healthy wife with whom i can have kids of my own blood and also with whom i have lead a normal sexual life.