Rental Agreement Notice Period

Hi, I was staying at a rented house in Bangalore and had a rental agreement. It mentioned about 2 months notice period for leaving the house and one month rent would be deducted towards painting charges. I informed my landlord on Dec 5, 2014 about leaving the property by end of December as I had to shift to Odisha due to some emergency. I left the house on Dec last week. My owner asked me for some time to refund the security deposit and I agreed. The problem arose after I shiffted to Odisha. I followed up with him for for nearly 5 months before he sent me the money and the amount was bit of a surprise for me. He told me since I informed about leaving the house on 5th December so the 2 months notice period will be calculated for January and February and not from December. His point was December month had already started so it won't be considered within the notice period. So he deducted the rent for January, February and complete one month rent towards painting charges (which I doubt would have cost a whole month rent - 14K for 1BHK). My question: Is he right in his explanations about notice period. If not then what are the options ahead of me? Thanks, Anupam