Harassment to senior citizen

My mother of age 80 staying alone after my dad's death. She has car parked in society. Bike owners deliberately park the bikes in front & side ways blocking the access to car. Bike owners stared threatening the building watchman who usually remove the bikes to help navigate the car out of the mess. At night the no of bikes increase. There is no way we can use the car at night in case of emergency. We approached local police station but police refuse to take FIR or NC stating that they can not interfere in the society matters. We approached the society chairman for last 2 years but no body helped & we saw lot of fights within society members & change of chairman. Present chairman says these people are goondas & can not help. we approached chairman for change of parking place. There are other parking places of residents who sold their cars more than 3 months but kept vacant & reside in London half the time but chairman is scared of them & do not allow to give space to others otherwise we would have changed the parking space. There are other members who have continued parking in our society despite moving out of society to nearby other society after marriage giving the original flat to their sister who does not own any car. Most of these (goondas) members are fairly rich & in diamond business including chairman & with the power of money threaten & Harass middle class senior citizen like us. With no help from police we did not know whom to approach. Incidentally I found this website so asking if there is any help available.