Need help

Dear Sir, I am seeking some information regarding property. I am not sure if you will believe my words or you will feel it’s a story but I can tell you this is truth. I am staying at Kolkata now but my native place is Assam. We are three brothers and I am elder. In my life my father never co-operate me and not sure if he loved me for single sec. Though my father was educated and earn somewhat good money but I used to fulfil my requirements by own. My father only helped me pass out 10+ and from there I have everything my own, even education and choose my career, never taken single penny from my father. I left my home long back however for my mother I used to send money some times by when last year my mother passed away I stopped sending money because my father never spoke to me. I do not know what wrong I did but faced this issues from my childhood. Our neighbors said my mother killed by my father not sure how much truth is there but the kind of man he is – he can do anything. I had decided I will never claim the property from my father and God will give me my home when I will be capable enough. Last couple of years my younger brother who is living in Assam my father asked him live separately after his marriage. Now he is frustrated and asking for help from me. Now I have decided that if we two brother claim our portion or money as my father asked my brother to sign up in a white paper, maybe he wants to give whole property to my another brother. Please advice how can we two brothers claim that from my father, is there any way?