How to remain prepared for Divorce, Domestic Violence allegation

Hi, I was married on 21st Nov 2011. My wife's family did hide certain academic facts about my wife initially which I got to learn later. We were married in India and came to USA aftrewards. She had lot of problem adjusting the environment here in USA. If I tried to help her...most of the time she took it on her ego because she comes from a rich family. Natually, we didn't have a good compatibiltiy, our reations wasn't very good and she started insisting on returning back to India. In 2013 she stayed in India for 6 months mostly in her parent's home. In 2015 Feb, we went to India and she didn't come back to USA with me. Now, my wife and her family is threatening my family (my parents + brother) that they will now do something so that I must have to come back to India and will pay heavy price as well. I am afraid that they might bring in false charge of 498A or domestic violence. We did have lot of quarrels here during our stint together but I never hurt her physically. She barely stayed in my parent's home in India. Could you please advise me if/how I can be prepared for any of these... 1. Can they bringe me to India forcefully/legally? My job profile is better suited for work here in USA. 2. Can they harm my family in India by false allegation of DV/498a? If yes, how can I protect them? 3. If she asks for divorce, is there anyway I can co-operate without going to India? I myself don't want divorce and want to live with her. But, if she is willing to get a divorce then I don't want to stop her. In case of a divorce, do I have to pay her alimony? and how that will be decided? She doesn't earn but belongs to a rich family. Thanks in advance for your help. Please do let me know if you need any more information in detail. Regards, Kalyan