Immigration consultant misguided

Hi Sir/ma'am, I m writing my concern to get advice regarding my issue with immigrationn consultant for Canada PR. My agent informed me that my current CRS Score is competent enough to get PNP and even if I don't get 8777 in my English test I have chances to add 600 points through PNP which eventually increase my CRS for express entry. As per her information this process might take little longer but doable. I made partial payment of INR 42000/- thinking that even though little but I have chances through PNP route (I checked with her verbally about the success rates and she assured me that she had processed many profile with similar NOC and job code). The story changed when I got to speak to my case officer, he advised me to only work on my IELTS score and strictly getting 8777 band, also he told me that currently my NOC 1121 is not even listed in any of the PNP. So there is no chance of getting through PR without 8777. I am misguided by the immigration company employees and now I want my money back. Is there any law which protect consumer in such scenario. Please help. P.s I didn't sign the original agreement but shared them the signed copy through WhatsApp. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Shikha