Land dispute

A local mill chowkidaar got his name entered into our ancestral property land record, few years ago. After following due course, his name was struck down by the SDM and land has been duly transferred to my father last year. Interestingly, the land is located close to a PSU office (the accused chowkidaar employed here) and their regional staff is trying to grab it in the name of Central government. Lately, they have got interim stay order from high court against land revenue department which was schedule to inspect and do demarcation. In addition, they produced a fake map through Lucknow Development Authority to show that it was their land leased via LDA, although the plot numbers and area they mentioned is almost 2 kilometres away from the said land! The map and info under RTI Act (they obtained within 5 working days!) from LDA due to prevalent corruption and that too bearing plot numbers/area far away. So, no boundary dispute is here. Can we register an FIR against those who produced wrong map? What will be the legal remedy? We have district revenue department land record, relevant map and other documents. Thanks