Disspute among brothers for maintainence of parents.

I have five brothers and one sister,she got married last month ,i am the eldest and living in kolkata with my spouse and two chilldren.i work in a call centre where my salary is 18k per month,i was forced to give one lac cash for my sisters marriage.i had to take loan from my company with the condtion of returning 5k every month for10 months.i also mordgaged some jewellery for the amount as well,which means that for the next 10 months I will be getting only 13k as my monthly salery. Now my two youger brothers who are married are working in dubai,and there salary are more than 90k, there wife and childrens are living in the village with my parents and younger brother. When my situation was good I use to give 2k every month for my parent,the house in kolkata where I live is a rented property in my father name. My family is forcing me to give 3k every month for my parents maintainence,my father never puts any pressure as he knows my income,but my brothers wife are thretening us throw us out of the house and other property in my father name which is aquired by my grandfather.from last two years I was unable to send mony regularly cause there were lots of turmoil in my life and with my work. I am asking them to give me some time at least 10 month but it seems that they have some other plans.I am still ready to support my parents with 5% of my salary and I want all my brothers to also give the same 5%