Show cause notice

So i baught a sex toy for male, from and I paid for it. Now I got a "call cum show cause notice" letter from custom's foreign post department that there is no custom duty paid in it and the declaration on it is wrong as CUP was written on it instead of a real description of the product And the FOB/CIF value was also written 0 on it, on top of it they said that buying or importing such items is OBSCENCE in INDIA, which I of course didn't knew, since I read the reviews of the Indian customers about the product and thought that if they have receiving these products then there should nothing be wrong in buying them. N any how I feel if it is for personal use it should not be wrong to buy them. Now they have written in notice to go n tell them why I sound not be levied a penalty of 5000 n why my product should not be confiscated. Can anyone please help me with this. I have all the payment reciepts with me including the transaction reciepts. I don't want product now but don't want any legal action or penalty to be levid on me.