406 by husband

i got married march 2011. after few months my husband went to states n left me at his parents house where they turtured me both physically n mentally. after few months later when i disclose the same to my family they send me too to states to my husband with a new ray of hope bt things dint wrk out, my husband too beated me on the strong instigation of his parents and than after a year we too came back to india bt nothing chnged him n his family n than i was bound to file a case against him n his family n my husband was arrested n were in jail for 20days n therefore came out on interim bail. currently m staying in our matrimonial flat for which he is nw planning to sale so that he can throw me out. and he is threatening me by several ways. he has filed 406 for claiming laptop and other things. i just want to know if he's entitled for claiming all this under 406 plus police asked me to investigate my house and to seize all the articles whatever my husband claimed. pls help and give me solution to come out of it. thanks