Hello mam/sir I was in a relationship with a guy who works with me in my office from July 2014 to December 2014. He already has a gf with whom he don't want to marry so he was with me as he loves me. We went to outstations together, I went to his room many times and we had physical relations too. He has my nude pics which I took as a selfie and shared with him (I was so dumb, I know). We wanted to marry each other, but I told him that I wil not go against to my parents wish. Oct 2014 he sent his bio data to my parents to which my parents said NO to him. From then, he starting troubling me. Still I was with him in his room for Christmas and new year. On Jan 2015 starting, my family fixed my marriage to another guy with my consent. And I broke up with my bf as I got engaged. Jan mid, my ex bf slapped me so I filed a complaint in my office and he agreed that he slapped me. I stopped going to office. He started misbehaving in office too...coz of that he got terminated. Due to his pressure, I took back my written complaint from office. He then hacked my email, took all the information about my fiance and his family. And started threatening me that he will call them and tell everything. He even called my sister and his husband. Somehow, we managed to escape from him. Suddenly, his gf then messaged my fiance and his brother on fb one month back and told them everything about me and him and also blaming me that i was the reason for her wedding cancelation with my ex bf. And i only wanted to marry him.. He didnt want to marry me. Due to this my wedding has been called off by my fiance. I was about to get married on 29th may 2015. Now me and my family are so disturbed. I even tried to cut my wrist. Please help what to do. We don't want any halla in neighborhood it will go against me and create problems in my future.