Domestic Voilence

The question is about the domestic voilence at home. Myself i am married woman and having 2 kids. In fact i'm working woman. I am suffering from domestice voilence like my husband beat, heat me when he's drunk. He abuse me mentally, verbally, physically and emotionally too. I went to Police station near by my house and file a complaint against him. but police had counselling and send me back with him. infront of Police he had promissed that he will not fight with me again. but till today he abuses me in fact in between aslo more than 3-4 times again i approched to Police but the same thiing repeating. he balme me for everything. he do not allow me to speak with my parents. also have check on my carrier like what i am doing , not allow me to go alone anywhere. he checks my phones, emails, facebook account, whattsapp, he grabbed my phone too. If i didnt answered his calls when i'm in office and calls me while he's drunk and i rejects his calls he use to call on my collegues phones. even my collegues very cooperative but some of them made a complaint to my Boss and he called me and also shouted on me in fact in this situation where i am wrong, what is his mistake. My parents also fed up of this they said to me that please dont pull us in this matter because your husband is drunkard and he came to us and used vulgur language so please henceforth you please go out of our life. his parents are literally tiered and dont allow me to move out of the house now, if i go to poilce, police says that you leave his place and go somewhere else and then file the case for divorce. So now if i give space to him he stays 10-15 days in good way again he repeates the same thing. So please i need your adviseon it that what i have to do. wheter i have to continue this relationship of not?