maintainence filed by wife

Sir I got arranged marriage in 2002, since then I have never been happy. My wife is very rude, abusive & quarrelsome. But I never told about her nature to any family member or friends & tried to adjust with her in best possible means. She used to stay with me from 1st to 10th of every month as that was the time I got my salary. I used to work for a private company.after taking my salary she used to go to her mothers house. If asked not to go she used to become quarrelsome & many times man handled me too. This continued till 2012 then I got a heart stroke & was admitted in hospital for 10 days then took rest for 3 months which resulted in loosing my private job During this time also her attitude never changed & she continued staying in her parents house & I stayed in the same house & my mother spent money on my food & medicines. Then in 2013 I was admitted in hospital again for 2 time heart stroke. This time I had 2 blockages & stenting was done for my valves. After coming back home I was completely bed ridden & now can't even of think of working & have no capital investment to do any business. In march 2015 I received court summons as my wife filled for maintainence for rs.20000/-+ court expenses. She filed all false case on me but I was always good to her no matter what ever she did to me I never raised a word. Now her advocate approached me & asked to give the house were I stay to her which of course is in my mothers name & she too stays in the same house in other portion. My mother refused to give her telling if we give were we will stay? My mother also says if she took care of you then I would have given to her but she never was good to you . which even I agreed & told there advocate my helplessness to give her house. So he treatned me to pull the case for years. Now its been more then 2 years case is going on every time judge gives a date but nothing progressive. I face lot of mental agony & fear going to court & last time I fainted in court hall as I'm a patient. In the mean time she is employed & working since 5 years in an MNC drawing salary of 25000/- which is been told by me to court in reply to her petition. I now request you learned lawyers to help me & advice me what all can be done in my case. So that I can be without any tension & stress as medically I'm unfit to take this type of tensions. Thanks & regards