Ipc 354 - complainant was trapped this time

Dear sir, I am living with my family in delhi. few months back We made a police complaint against some of anti-social elements of the areas. FIR was registered and police took strict action against them. They all ran away. but after few days of time, some of them came back and started to harass and threatening my family that we should take back all of the police cases otherwise we have to face something serious. Even they are threatening us to trap my name in false criminal cases. We immediately informed police in writing regarding this threat. one lady (their relative) started to call me 2-3 times and ask me to meet her. I refused. But suddenly , at the midnight around 2 pm, i got a call from police station. they told me to come police station as one lady has filled sexual Assault case against me and she wants to meet me. i did not take it seriously and refused to meet any lady. but after 2 days, i got call from police station that one FIR has been registered against me under IPC 354. I was shocked.but later on i came to know that this was the lady who is calling me to meet her. I met IO. He showed me some photos of the incident (which was false) and my visiting card. He blamed me that i Assaulted to this woman with intent to outrage her modesty at the midnight. even false statement of two witness (Her neighbors) was also recorded against me. I was trapped. I appealed in the court for anticipatory bail which was granted on the basis of phone call recording of that lady when she was pressuring me to come her home & my previous letters to Police regarding trapping my name in false cases. after few days, her false witness back out from their statement that their name was given forcefully and they are not ready to come in the court. nothing was found against me in police investigation and we have sufficient grounds/proofs that this was a false case and i was victimized. but police filled charge-sheet because statement under sec-164 was recorded by this lady. I was summoned to appear in the court now. but suddenly, yesterday i got a call from this lady that she is willing to compromise and wants her case to back. Now, I am confused what to do. should i close the chapter and compromise with lady OR go forward to face the trial so that i can file defamation case later on. pls guide