Service Bond Related Issue

So i recieved a offer letter from my company and along with rough draft of service agreement (on a a4 paper) and they told me to sign it and scan it send it back to that they can prepare the official i did that. after i joined they handed me the bond with my name & my dad's name (guarantor) on it and told me to get it signed with in a week and submit it to us per that bond i have to be with the company for 2 years or if i leave i have to pay 50k inr. but after joining the location i found the place horrible to which i was not comfortable to work in. so i mailed the hr that i won't be continuing. p.s. i didn't sign the official bond which they gave me which had official stamp (and which was on the legal paper) so my question is whether they can ask me to pay 50k as per bond or not ? because when i talked to the HR, he told me that you will receive the notice from the company. And Can I join a different company now or not ? so i am really confused ! please help P.S. I have quit the company on the very first day.